Workshop - Flowers in the Forest - 1

In July 2015, I attended a workshop, which was run by internationally renown master florist Gregor Lersch,in Germany.
We spent 3 days in a clearing in a forest. In the morning we watched Gregor and his fine team demonstrate, and in the afternoon, we chose one or two designs to try for ourselves.

There were 18 of us, speaking 10 different languages, and it was over 38 deg every day - not the best weather to be outside, designing with flowers. But we survived !

The theme was 'table centres for an outdoor setting' - a wedding, a dinner, or some other special event. Some of the designs are NOT mine, but I could now make any of them, and I wanted to show you the variety of decorations that could be made - if you dare to be different !

Flowers for the forest - 1

A candle is encircled by flowers and vines. This would be perfect for a long dining table - either in the middle, or at the front of it, as for a table for the special guests.(Designed and made by Tomas).

My orange belle ! This is about 45 cm high, so too tall for the centre of a table where people are seated, but perfect on a table with food and drinks.(Designed and made by me)

Orange basket and twigs. The pale wooden twigs pick up on the colour of the basket beneath. How beautiful is the reflection of the forest on the glass table top !