Flower Crowns

Also called flower garlands, hair garlands, hair wreaths, flower circlets...whatever you call them, we love them !
Word has it that they will be very popular this spring and summer, and especially for the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Think about the length and fullness of your hair: if you have short hair, then go for something small and fine - unless you want to be dramatic - then just go for it ! Longer hair can take bigger flowers.

 From $75.00 Price will vary with the flowers 

Summer softness

These are all fresh flowers, and the circle size is adjustable - it's tied at the back with ribbons. The top one I made(Model Michelle Brown, Make up Lovethymakeup, photographer Tim Rudolph).

The second one with the little berries is by Holly Chapple in the USA...

..and the 3rd is unknown everything, but it's lovely. Not sure they're fresh flowers, and that's OK. You can find lots of examples on Pinterest. Send me a pic and I'll give you a quote and some ideas. I'm at www.pinterest.com/calyflo